Toyota FT-86 II Concept presentation

FT-86 II concept from Toyota introduces a new generation of sports car. This front engine, rear-wheel drive concept gives the clearest indication yet of the FT-86 final design.

FT-86 II perfectly recaptures the exhilarating spirit of the Toyota Corolla Levin AE 86 – the must-have rallying and circuit driving choice in the 1980s. It is driver-oriented, designed to give form to the intrinsic joy of driving.

Subaru Boxer Sports Car Architecture @ Geneva Auto Show 2011

Subaru has given us a first glimpse at its version of the FT-86. Sharing a chassis with Toyota’s FT-86, the car uses a rear-drive system that has been adapted from the AWD Legacy platform (same as Toyota FT-86).
On display at the Geneva Auto Show a day ahead of it’s official debut, people are disappointed that the architecture is not filled out with some stunning sheetmetal, but this revelation is far more important and certain to appease Suby fans around the globe. 

SUBARU “BOXER Sports Car Architecture"

Subaru officially announces its rear wheel drive coupe concept, which will be presented at Geneva 81st International Motor Show. The SUBARU “BOXER Sports Car Architecture” embodies the technology concept of Subaru’s Rear-Wheel Drive Sports Car, currently under joint development with Toyota Motor Corporation. It also represents a proposal of Subaru’s new platform technology, build around its key component – the Horizontally-Opposed Subaru Boxer engine.